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Rockford, IL

Complete Mowing And Fertilizing Services

Get comprehensive lawn and landscaping maintenance from the experienced professionals at Acosta Landscaping, Inc. From weekly mowing to weed whacking, we always make sure to tailor our services and prices to accommodate your needs.

  • Lawn mowing

  • Weed whacking

  • Edging (cut for clean lines)

  • Debris bagging and removal

  • Fertilizer application (4 applications per season)

Our affordable services include:

At Acosta Landscaping, Inc., we're more than happy to customize our services depending on your budget.


For example, we can perform standard mowing at your residential or commercial property and not clean up the debris afterwards for a more inexpensive and accessible service. Whatever you're willing to pay for, we can accommodate!

Services customized for your budget

Call us to get an on-site estimate:


Let us supply the fertilizer for your lawn or landscape and we'll include it in your original estimated cost.

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